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Understanding the word as being God breathed.

I have been thinking a fair bit about what does the Bible mean as being God’s word. And what do we mean by the Bible being inerrant. Within this context, I have been thinking about how can the Bible be … Continue reading

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God’s secret wisdom.

Paul speaks in 1st Corinthians about God’s secret wisdom. And what is that secret wisdom? It’s none other then Jesus Christ, who was destined for our glory before time began. The secret of God’s wisdom is that in Christ, all … Continue reading

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Conference talk: How the Holy Spirit works in my life.

I have been attending a conference on the role the Holy Spirit plays in ministering with and to the urban poor, within the framework of social justice. I have been asked to take one of the sessions today, in which … Continue reading

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He is home. A missional faith.

There is a scene in the beginning of the second chapter of Mark, where after having spent a number of days in the desert, Jesus returns home. A crowd quickly gathers and the house is filled. A group of 4 … Continue reading

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A painful cost.

There is a real cost in following Christ. At times there is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cost for the individual and community to be a Christ follower. Its a cost that bows one at the knees. It causes … Continue reading

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We can go to Christ anytime!

Have you ever thought that the reason we can go to Christ any time, any place when ever we are having a good time or a bad time, is because he is already and always there with us and for … Continue reading

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How then can they believe?

I had a bit of an epiphany when  reading Romans 10:14-15 this morning. Rom 10:14  How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have … Continue reading

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Spiritual Gifts: Empowerment

Yesterday I wrote about encouragement being a spiritual gift. Today I want to talk about the gift of empowerment. Again while this term is not specifically mentioned in Scripture as a spiritual gift, Scripture does indeed talk about it. Encouragement … Continue reading


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The unifying thought in Romans / Ephesians.

I propose that of all of Paul’s writings, the letter to the Ephesians is one that is closest to the letter to the Romans. While granted Ephesians is much shorter, I believe that they both have a similar genre and … Continue reading

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Romans 6:1-11 The master stroke: Fully alive.

Paul makes a series of profound statements; ‘We died to sin: how can we then live in it any longer…Don’t you know that all of us who were baptised in Christ Jesus were baptised into his death…We should no longer … Continue reading

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