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Interview with Ben Witherington – Like him or be offended by him – he answers with dignity and grace.

Ben Witherington gives a solid interview in this clip. He talks about a number of subjects in a graceful manner. I’ll mention some of the parts that caught my attention, which may not in the order they are presented in the … Continue reading

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Witherington engages with Bloomberg and both blow Ehrman out of the water.

Ben Witherington has finished an eight part series, where he engaged with Craig Bloomberg’s book, “Can we still believe the Bible?”  I really enjoyed reading through his reflections and when finances permit, would like read through this book myself. Regarding … Continue reading

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Reading reflection 2.

I found Witherington’s description of paganism / pagan religion, in which the worshipper was always caught in the need for now truly fascinating – where the idea of salvation always had to be one of personal blessing, health, wealth, position, … Continue reading

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Ben Witherington Pipe(ers) in.

Ben Witherington has written an excellent article in response to John Pipers recent debacle about “Masculine Flavoured Christianity”  He adds a worthy twist to the frenzied online engagement to which Pipers stance has created. He claims that Piper’s theology is … Continue reading

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