Cross-Cultural Curiosity. A question for my American Friends.

I am fascinated with all the hype  interest that is shown in the Super Bowl. I have heard so much about it, I had to have a look to see what it was all about. And I have to say, I don’t get it!

I don’t see how the terminology of Super Bowl is connected to Football. Here in Australia, its normal to talk about “The bowl” or the “Super Bowl” in regards to the game of cricket. For the aim of the game is to get your opponent out through the means of a catch, a leg before the wicket (LBW), bowled out, All of which is caused through the ball being bowled, by a person whom we call the bowler, who bowls the ball.

Even our terminology of “Football” can cause some international havoc. I mean, our UK friends call Soccer, Football, and their football is called Rugby. But that’s the UK for you. Here in Australia we play Football which depending on the state you come from, can mean AFL (Australian Rules), NRL and then our national team also plays Rugby.

I watched on our news this morning some of the Super Bowl teams as they walked through the corridors of their locker rooms in a procession and thought. What! They seemed to be dressed up for battle. Huge helmets, big pads that looked like bullet proof vests. All they seemed to be missing was some big guns.  Compared to our guys who play our football, and whose only protection may be a subtle head guard and mouth guard, your guys looked overly protected. Now to tell you the truth, I don’t get the game, with all its stops and starts.

But crying out loud. Can someone tell me why its called the Super Bowl when it has nothing to do with bowling? Winking smile

God loves divorce!


The Lord showed me this morning he loves divorce! I was thinking about my past sin, life, mistakes, shame, pain and regrets. I was reminded that not only has he cleansed me from past sin and set me on the path of righteousness – he has totally divorced me from my past and therefore I am a new creation in Christ.

TNIV Giveaway

The Reverend Mark Stevens is giving away some copies of the TNIV

The catch is that I have to link to his contest on my blog. I also have to make a funny comment and so my comment is by Mark Driscoll.

Mark would say…

Now the biggest problem I have with the TNIV is that it never used the name of Jesus enough. You know that I like the name of Jesus and I will repeat Jesus many times in my sermons…Jesus. Jesus, Jesus. It’s all about Jesus…Someone did an average count of how many times I use the name of Jesus in my sermons and I use the name of Jesus at least 120 times…which averages out to be Jesus once every 30 seconds. So this TNIV has to go, the publishers need to fix this major problem with these type of Bibles that just don’t speak of Jesus enough.


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