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Is there truth in astrology?

I was watching Touched by and Angel this morning and one of the characters made this fantastic statement. Maybe the stars do control our lives…the question I want answered is who controls the stars?

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Some questions for my Pre-Mill friends….

Some questions I’m asking about the pre-mill position regarding end times. If Jesus will literally rule from Jerusalem…how will that affect the way we worship Him now? How will Jesus rule over His church and make His will known? Will the … Continue reading

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Narrative and its importance to understand others.

We all have a story to tell. None of us live in a vacuum, isolated from society…though at times it may feel that we do. To truly understand what each other is saying, one first needs to have some understanding of … Continue reading

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Has the west stuffed up its ordering of the Old Testament books?

During this semester at college I have been studying only one subject, that being the Minor Prophets. During the semester I have been stretched, been involved and truly enjoyed the subject. My thinking has gone on many tangents over the … Continue reading

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A Question of Existence.

Over on the Near Emmaus blog, Brian is asking some questions about “Existence” I made the comment, I am being really cheeky here. But a question for the Calvinist… or not. How do you /we / I know that what … Continue reading

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