A Vision. In the midst of pain.

This morning as I was reflecting on the nature of pain, and why it is when we are in so much pain, Jesus seems so blurry to us. I had a vision of someone hugging another. It was a father hugging his child. It wasn’t a bro hug – it was a big manly hug, where the child’s face was buried in his fathers chest.

Then I realized that it is in the times we are deeply hugged and held, we cannot see the other clearly. And in the midst of our pain, we don’t really experience the other. But we do receive comfort.

Friends, if your going through a hard time, and wondering where is God in the midst of it? If your going through a hard time and your vision of God is blurry. Perhaps its because your clinging so tightly to him and God is hugging you back – that this is the very comfort you need.

To all my friends who are going through trials and hardship today – may you truly know the comfort of the Lord. Blessings. cb

Team Pyro still making straw man arguments.

The Team Pyro are at it again. Busy making rhetorical straw man arguments and tearing them down. Such as their latest post here where they make the following inane comment about prophecy.

However, if you are a really-really “continuationist,” then stop pussy-footing about. Get on with it, man! Have Crossway issue an ESV with lots and lots of blank pages in the end, so you can “continue” to ink in new Scripture. Just be sure to tell everyone that that’s where you’re coming from.

I made the comment on their blog saying,

Can you point out to me any NT book or scripture that was written by a New Testament prophet. Seeing as Scripture wasn’t written by any NT prophets and the NT doesn’t record all that the NT prophets said…why then do we say that modern prophecy is outside the closed canon.

Just asking!

Surprisingly, I checked back a few hours later and found that my comment had been removed by a blog administrator.  I’m still interested in their answer, though I don’t think its going to be forth coming.

Prophetic voice in Proverbs.

Pro 1:20  Wisdom cries aloud in the street, in the markets she raises her voice;
Pro 1:21  at the head of the noisy streets she cries out; at the entrance of the city gates she speaks:
Pro 1:22  “How long, O simple ones, will you love being simple? How long will scoffers delight in their scoffing and fools hate knowledge?
Pro 1:23  If you turn at my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit to you; I will make my words known to you.
Pro 1:24  Because I have called and you refused to listen, have stretched out my hand and no one has heeded,
Pro 1:25  because you have ignored all my counsel and would have none of my reproof,
Pro 1:26  I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when terror strikes you,

This passage echoes the voice of the Minor Prophets leading into the time of captivity and the promise of the Spirit in Micah.

A contemporary prophecy

We had to write a contemporary prophecy as part of our major assignment within the Minor Prophets subject unit.

Minor prophet’s major assignment part 2.

This prophecy has a parallel structure that loosely alternates between two and three points. Its main theme is one of relationship between people and God.

The word is spoken into three areas of the modern church.

  1. The tendency towards legalism. You are saved by grace now you have to stay saved by law.
  2. Judgementalism and prejudices within the church, such as in the area of divorce, single parents, sexual identity, addictions, refugees, other forms of brokenness and perhaps other theological persuasions…
  3. Rebukes the ME factor…My church, My ministry, My gifting, My blessing… it’s a call to re-emphasise what God has done and seek him for himself.

Therefore it is an encouragement to take hold and remember God’s love towards us, and that he wants us to love those around us, in the same way Christ loves us


The word of the Lord came to me, whilst I was in prayer regarding an assignment.

My bride, my church, my people, I want you to listen closely. For I have one word, perhaps two, no make it three to speak.

I have seen, I have heard, I have felt the pain of law.  I the Lord have spoken for all of eternity through my son on the cross. He paid the price of death because of judgement. He paid the price of death through law. He paid the price of death through self righteousness.

My bride, my church, my people, I want you to listen closely. I have seen, I have heard and I have felt the law being preached from my pulpits.

Just as water and faeces, air and toxins, earth and contamination cannot be pure, healthy and bring life; neither can grace and law be combined. You cannot preach grace and law. You cannot live under grace and law. You cannot come to me with grace and law. Law condemns, it builds self righteousness, and it causes death and decay.

Whenever you judge, you judge my blood. Whenever you judge another, you judge my son. Whenever you judge, you judge my love. I have seen you judge others not of yourself. I have heard you judge those who battle in pain. I have felt you judge and turn away from those who don’t conform to your ways.

My bride, my church, my people, listen to me!  Only preach what I have done for you. I have given you my Son. I have given you my Spirit. I have given you myself. Stop saying what you’re going to do for me. Stop saying you need to do this for me. Stop trying to build your kingdom for me.

My bride, my church, my people, listen to me. Because I love you, you’re able to love me. Because I love you, you’re able to love my flock. Because I love you, you’re able to love the world.

My bride, my church, my people, I want you to know, I need you to know, and therefore I tell you that I love you. Turn to me so that I may truly love over, through and in you.

And remember that through Christ my Son, I the Lord have spoken.

While I am not claiming this to be an inspired prophetic word as in a true prophecy, I do think it says much to us today….what do you think?

Is God leading me into a new direction?

I finished my last intensive for the Cert 1V in Chaplaincy in June 2010. On the last day, Pastor Terry Cahill, who has a prophetic edge to his ministry came to prophecy over us. There was a number of people in the room and he said because of time restraints he would prophesy over 3 of us.

I really wanted a word for myself, and yet I sat there saying to the Lord…Lord I want a word…yet so does every one else. I had struggled through the course. I was still hurting from the separation and divorce. I was still struggling in areas of emotional trauma as a result of the past abuse. And I was still struggling within areas of my identity and position in Christ, that I thought my calling as a minister was shattered. I was to be remarried in a few weeks time and there were internal struggles whether  I was really doing the right thing there.

Terry prophesied over two others speaking into their lives and I was impressed how he spoke into the circumstances of their lives; having heard their stories over the previous 6 months. He then approached me saying “Young man, I have a word for you, and the first thing is that God wants you to know he hasn’t a bad word to say to you”

This set me off in an emotional burst of tears and relief. He then continued, You have been through a time of intense bruising, pressure, retreating, hiding and stretching. You have been terrorized in your emotions, you have had night terrors and been through trauma, now its time to turn to me. Respond to justice and mercy and not criticism and judgement. You have to choose to live in justice and mercy and not criticism and judgement.

This was a bit of a understatement, you can read my story here

He continued, I am going to sharpen your mind, you will have the ability to retain, recall, absorb. I am increasing your capacity, steady yourself, still yourself…”Do not say, What is the point!” Take up study again with new zeal.

I had collapsed mid way through a theological degree in October 2007. I tried to resume study in 2009 doing Greek 1. However as much as I tried to remember the Greek forms, I just couldn’t do it. For me to remember one word I would have to write it out over and over again on an A4 sheet of paper just to remember that one word. The virus had wiped my memory of all grammar and really affected my short term memory. The morning of the major exam I had been told by my specialist that she thought I had Multiple Sclerosis. Some how I managed to just scrape in and pass by a few marks. I dropped out of Greek 2 in the first week because I just couldn’t remember and I remember being so frustrated saying…“What is the Point!”

Terry continued, I have called you a minister and you are a minister. I have laid a narrow path ahead of you. I am giving you a heart for justice and mercy and justice and mercy will be your catch cry. I am calling you to minister to the poor and dispossessed.

I have always been interested in ministering to the broken and hurting. A number of years ago I set up a suicide prevention and awareness network across the Wollondilly Shire between the local churches. Over the last 12 months I have done voluntary chaplaincy work at a men’s homeless shelter and been broken by hearing the stories of brokenness of men in need.

This last part of the prophecy spoke deeply to me about how in the natural I can never be an ordained minister within certain denominations for the reasons of marriage and divorce. I was married to a divorced women…which prevented me from ordination within Anglicanism and certain other denominations. I would have no problems in being ordained for being divorced within the AOG movement because of the reasons for the divorce; yet because I have remarried I am no longer considered a suitable candidate for ordination. However, a title doesn’t matter to me, for if God calls you to do something then no man can stand against that.

What I have found really interesting is that in the past I have been a mediocre student. I have never been in the top of the class through school. I have never found it easy studying and even while I felt called to resume a degree in theology in 2006, I found the process frustrating, difficult and a struggle to just pass.

While my short term memory continues to cause me problems in losing my immediate train of thought or causes a complete mental blank as to what I was thinking or saying midstream, this term’s experience has been a different experience. I have enjoyed engaging with the Minor Prophets. I have enjoyed and been surprised at the way I have been able to engage with complex thoughts and even bring insights and different perspectives within the course.

Over the last months  I have had thoughts in that perhaps God may be calling me to do some post-grad study when I finish the degree. I have thought perhaps even to do some lecturing. This is a complete reversal of my previous thought, experience and sense of calling. And because of this different train of thought and direction I have prayerfully kept these thoughts to myself, thinking that’s not me.  However 5 different people have asked me during the last 2 weeks if I had considered doing post-grad work and or become a teacher / lecturer.

So I am wondering, is God leading me in a new direction?


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