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America has a new / same president.

I try not to make political statements on my blog. But the recent re-election of President Obama is world wide news and I thought I would add my personal response to this event. Note: some of my thoughts stem from … Continue reading

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Prophetic voice in Proverbs.

Pro 1:20  Wisdom cries aloud in the street, in the markets she raises her voice; Pro 1:21  at the head of the noisy streets she cries out; at the entrance of the city gates she speaks: Pro 1:22  “How long, … Continue reading

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I passed…. and learnt a lesson about faith.

I have officially passed this semesters study requirement. Admittedly I only did the one subject on the Minor Prophets and in the beginning of next year I will take up the subject on the Wisdom Literature. The major lesson that I have … Continue reading

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Was the Book of Malachi a Hymnal?

Malachi is an interesting book for scholars are not sure if Malachi is the name of an actual prophet, or means the “Messenger or Message” For the purpose of this refection I would like to run with the later suggestion. … Continue reading

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A contemporary prophecy

We had to write a contemporary prophecy as part of our major assignment within the Minor Prophets subject unit. Minor prophet’s major assignment part 2. This prophecy has a parallel structure that loosely alternates between two and three points. Its … Continue reading

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Haggai reflection: Are you truly content?

Haggai has much to say to us about the current global financial instability and the resulting emotional upheaval within society. He addresses the issues of inflation and the discontentedness of materialism more so then do all of all the prophets. … Continue reading

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Has the west stuffed up its ordering of the Old Testament books?

During this semester at college I have been studying only one subject, that being the Minor Prophets. During the semester I have been stretched, been involved and truly enjoyed the subject. My thinking has gone on many tangents over the … Continue reading

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Weekly Reflection: Zephaniah

Zephaniah Reflection Zephaniah means treasured or hidden of Yahweh, which is an interesting play on words in that Israel was supposed to be the Lord’s, treasure as well as being meant to be hidden from their enemies in the Lord. … Continue reading

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Habakkuk reflection: God is with us.

Habbakuk is the must read book in times of trouble. For in times of trouble it’s natural that we turn to and embrace and wrestle with God. And this is what his name means… to wrestle or embrace. In times … Continue reading

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