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Who do you cut yourself off from?

Luke records 3 accounts of overt grumbling in his gospel. Each time its the religious leaders and the religious lawyers who are complaining about Jesus eating and drinking and socialising with sinners. Even John the Baptist has some misgivings about … Continue reading


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A prayer from Luke 6

Lord incline my heart so that I May love my enemies Do good to those who hate me Pray for those who mistreat me To turn the other cheek for those who slap me To not resist those who take … Continue reading

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Preach the whole context…Driscoll gets it wrong.

Mark Driscoll has recently preached a sermon on the topic of Heaven and Hell from Luke 16…. and as passionate and convicting he is on the subject… he totally gets it wrong. It’s unfortunate Mark did that passage in Luke … Continue reading

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Woman caught in adultery…

There is a controversial passage in John where a woman who had been caught in adultery was brought to Jesus by the Pharisees to see what he would do about it. Scripture doesn’t say what Jesus said; only that he … Continue reading

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I have a problem with the some of the headings in Luke 16 & 17 in the 2010 New NIV.

In my previous post I wrote about the parables of the lost and the celebration of the found. In continuing my reflection on the scriptures following these parables; I find that I have difficulties with the heading  Additional Teachings. It’s … Continue reading

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The quandary of church and fallen pastors

Mark Stevens on the Near Emmaus blog has written an interesting post about church pastors and public evangelists who publically / privately disgrace themselves and in doing so bring the church, themselves and the God we worship into disrepute.  The … Continue reading

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