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Ben Witherington Pipe(ers) in.

Ben Witherington has written an excellent article in response to John Pipers recent debacle about “Masculine Flavoured Christianity”  He adds a worthy twist to the frenzied online engagement to which Pipers stance has created. He claims that Piper’s theology is … Continue reading

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Quote of the day!

I think I’d be less worried about it if Piper said, ‘I come from a stream of Christianity that cherishes the ancient tradition of exclusively male leadership’, rather than ‘God gave Christianity a masculine feel’. Michael Frost in a conversation … Continue reading

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John Piper on the prosperity gospel.

Jim West has posted up an interesting video clip of John Piper speaking out against the prosperity gospel. I’m no fan of the prosperity gospel. I’m not a fan of the name it, claim it brigade. But the final quote … Continue reading

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