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Was Elihu Right? – Martin Shields.

Martin Shields from the University of Sydney, posts an interesting article on Elihu,from the book of Job. In┬áhis conclusion he says: Here, then, is Elihu’s contribution. But in many instances – without specific divine revelation – there are only possible … Continue reading

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Job’s Rapture

I couldn’t resist adding this thought that the book of Job counteracts any “End Time” rapturist / left behind type eschatology. This is particularly fitting for today, being the 21st May, which Harold Camping has publicly promoted as being the … Continue reading

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Is Job an allegory of the exilic experience.

In listening to an audio recording of Job yesterday – I noted the exilic language that was used. The ending of Job is very similar to that of what is said in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes… “Fear God”We read God rebuking … Continue reading

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