The end is neighhhhhhhhhhhhh

Any prophecy that misses the mark of Christ’s grace within the framework of the earth’s demise is bogus. Mind you, there are many bogus prophecies within a so called Christian context that still miss the grace of Christ within the framework of the earth’s demise.

Simply put Christianity is not about fearing and speculating about the worlds end. It’s all about the gift of forgiveness of sins. The gift of eternal life. The gift of new heavens and earth. And its all about being part of God’s recreation processes here in the now: for the earth and all of God’s creation.

It ain’t going to be us who are raptured…why the fear?

I am getting frustrated with the level of fear that is created by doom and gloom prophets. The end of the world is neigh. God is punishing the nations…the reality is that if you push this kind of thinking tooo far – the reality is that the work of Christ is not enough.

And when we consider that God’s aim is to re-create the heavens and the earth… now that is an interesting tangent to go on… in what way will the heavens be recreated and why do the heavens need recreating…if heaven refers to God’s dwelling place… as it too has been stained and affected by sin.

However in regards to the new earth… its not going to be us who are raptured! Why all the fear?

Is the pre-trib rapture a form of gnosticism?

Michael Jensen wrote a interesting article on Gnosticism.

In this article he writes and concludes;

Is there a contemporary form of Gnosticism? The actual Gnostic teachings have had a romantic attraction to a kind of new age Christianity since the discovery of the Nag Hammadi documents. But much more widespread – and far more dangerous – are the ongoing tendencies within mainstream Christianity to cast faith as a higher form of knowledge and to think of the world in dualistic terms.

Though Paul prays for the believers to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will (Col 1:9; see Phil 1:9), there is no sense in which this is secret or higher knowledge into which believers are initiated. Faith is not a matter of inside knowledge. It is a spiritual perception (certainly) of what has been publically declared in the gospel. Yet sometimes we so emphasis learning and knowledge as the path to spiritual growth that we can certainly sound more like Valentinus than Paul.

Likewise – we still have a tendency to see salvation as salvation from the physical world and not salvation with it. The Gnostics denied the resurrection of the body – it was loathsome to them. We may not explicitly, but practically do the same. The Fathers remind us that the God of Jesus Christ, the redeemer is the same as the God who created all things – and not his opponent.

I like what he says, salvation doesn’t take us from the world. Rather we are saved within the world and therefore are to bring about redemption throughout the world.

Some questions for my Pre-Mill friends….

Some questions I’m asking about the pre-mill position regarding end times.

  1. If Jesus will literally rule from Jerusalem…how will that affect the way we worship Him now?
  2. How will Jesus rule over His church and make His will known?
  3. Will the canon of Scripture be over thrown and a new Bible be installed?
  4. Will there be a hierarchy of sorts where some will be in a position of power closer to Jesus then others.
  5. Will the Apostles and Prophets also be resurrected to rule with Jesus?
  6. If not will other Apostles and Prophets be appointed?
  7. If so, how will those other Apostles and Prophets be chosen and appointed?
  8. If Jesus is literally here ruling over the church as well as Creation…what will the role of the Holy Spirit be?
  9. How will church function?
  10. What will be the role of existing pastors, evangelists etc.
  11. I’m wondering how this thinking / teaching / end time interpretation effects our understanding of the church and if it has an effect on our thoughts as to who is in and who is out of the church?
  12. If Jesus literally rules … how does that affect the priesthood of every believer?
  13. Will I be given a chance to go and talk personally with Him. Will it be compulsory for me to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to see Him and if so… how many times will I have to do so?

A question on the Millennium?

I’m having a huge rethink about the book of Revelation at the moment. When I first got saved all I knew at the time was that of a  Pre-trib / Pre-mill position.  And therefore I was caught up with the Left Behind type teaching of Tim La Haye and others like him.

One of my major concerns about this movement was the energy that was wasted in worrying about the future regarding the Anti Christ, the branding of 666 and the Tribulation. In the midst of this worry I saw little trust in Christ and little reassurance that God knew what he was doing. This resulted in a lot of fear and little peace.

Interestingly though those very same people who were worried about the 666 mark of the beast were those most likely to be caught up in some form of tithing / prosperity gospel

I started to research the various theologies about the end times and found that there were many more than just the one. None of them really grabbed me and there was always a gnawing suspicion that they had it wrong.

One of my gnawing suspicions was about the Millennium in that I believed it was never a literal 1000 years, but meant a season in time. It’s also interesting that the church would make a vast theology out of one minor sentence whose thought does not have support of other Biblical witness.

Today I heard the term… atemporal amillennialist

is the view that the ‘thousand-year’ period is hardly any period, but a symbolic term describing the period between the beginning and the end of the judgment, a period which does not really have any length.

While I can’t find a lot research on the web about this position, I am excited that finally I found a position which I can freely and whole heartedly agree to. This bears witness with what Jesus said in regards to the end times… Only God knows and don’t worry about it…for today has enough problems of its own.

Does Pre-millennialism cause an outworking of non inclusiveness?

I had a discussion last night with a very dear friend who is holds to a Premillennialist point of view and why I am more of a AmillennialistFor my non Christian readers these are fancy terms which denote a particular belief system and interpretation of the Bible about  end times.

One of the questions I asked was, “Why is it that those who hold to the Premill position are so motivated to the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple….when Scripture clearly shows that we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit?”

It also appears to me that those who hold a Pre-mill position are less likely to be concerned about the state and welfare of all people in the east and rather focus solely on that of the welfare of the Jewish nation.

If the Gospel clearly calls for a unity, peace and equality between all nations, class and gender…it appears to me that a Pre-mill position by default makes one take a different stance to which the Gospel calls the church to take.


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