Team Pyro still making straw man arguments.

The Team Pyro are at it again. Busy making rhetorical straw man arguments and tearing them down. Such as their latest post here where they make the following inane comment about prophecy.

However, if you are a really-really “continuationist,” then stop pussy-footing about. Get on with it, man! Have Crossway issue an ESV with lots and lots of blank pages in the end, so you can “continue” to ink in new Scripture. Just be sure to tell everyone that that’s where you’re coming from.

I made the comment on their blog saying,

Can you point out to me any NT book or scripture that was written by a New Testament prophet. Seeing as Scripture wasn’t written by any NT prophets and the NT doesn’t record all that the NT prophets said…why then do we say that modern prophecy is outside the closed canon.

Just asking!

Surprisingly, I checked back a few hours later and found that my comment had been removed by a blog administrator.  I’m still interested in their answer, though I don’t think its going to be forth coming.


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