Crumbs or the whole loaf.

There is a story in the Gospels where a gentile woman approaches Jesus to bring deliverance and healing to her daughter. Jesus said it wasn’t right to feed bread to the dogs. She replied to him, that even the dogs ate the crumbs under the table.

The background of this story is the lady came from an area which oppressed the Jewish market farmers. They were like slave laborers whom the authorities took most of their produce leaving them with little to eat. (They were treated like and called dogs.)

Jesus was turning the tables on her by calling her family a dog. Within the framework of the story, he isn’t pulling his punches. He isn’t being lovey lovey and gooey gooey. He is in the face of this lady and insults her deeply.

But the lady doesn’t miss a beat. She accepts the insult. She doesn’t get all huffy. She says, even the dogs get to eat the scraps. she is making a double entendre where she says.. ‘The Romans don’t take all the food from the Jewish farmers, but feed them the scraps… ” She is in fact saying, “Hey, just as we give your people the scraps, I am more than happy to take the scraps, the scraps are sufficient, and you don’t have to keep everything for yourself.’

Jesus commended her for her faith. He sent her on her way, saying your daughter is healed.

I wonder how we think of Jesus… do we think of Jesus as being the whole loaf of bread we can eat of… or do we think we have to beg and scrounge for a few accidentally dropped crumbs that are left over?

Jesus gives all of himself to us. He holds nothing back. When we come to him, he gives us the whole loaf. Remember – God is our confidence!


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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