Voddie Baucham asks is Jeremiah 29:11 a promise for us today? I liked his message and the overall thrust of where he was going with is.

I think he missed an important point though. God was speaking to to the prophet Jeremiah – who was having a lament and pity party about being in the septic tank in which he was thrown after proclaiming God’s word. I know my plans for you (and therefore my people) Jeremiah…”This is very similar to the Apostles experience. Paul says I was beaten, shipwrecked, faced the gladiators, was flogged, and shackled all for being faithful and obedient to the Gospel.

God asks the devil, have you considered my servant Job – and the devil says your hand of protection is over him. God grants him permission to sift Job with boundaries put in place as to the limit he can go. Jesus said to Peter, the devil has been given permission to sift you. Paul says God has permitted a thorn of satan to be in his side -but, the grace of Christ is sufficient for him.

The tension of the Christian walk is one where we ask ourselves, are our circumstances a result of personal sin, or sin of others against us. A corporate sin / communal sin, where God’s presence leaves the church. Or are our circumstances one of being faithful to God, and his ways?

Many Godly people over the years, and throughout Scripture have asked.. “Why do the wicked prosper and the righteous go without?” A question which Scripture is strangely silent and refuses to give a straight answer to.

The question to ask is are we striving to seek God’s blessings. Or are we content, and know that we are already blessed and accept those blessings in Christ Jesus.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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