Worshipping God.

I made this comment in a recent conversation about worship.

Reformation Resurgence / Young and Restless Reformed type groups have got themselves into a bit of a pickle when it comes to worship within a Church meeting through song and praise. Because they have emphasised that *true* worship is the way we live our lives – in many ways they have devalued (Perhaps in some cases belittled) the value and nature of singing, praise and thanksgiving as being valid forms of worship.

I don’t think its one or the other. It’s both. There is two types of knowledge about God. One is knowing about him – such as I know a bit about the Queen of England. And then there is knowing God – such as I personally know the Queen of England.

As born again Pentecostal Christians, we believe in knowing about God – but perhaps more importantly, we know God. The knowledge we then learn about God informs us more about the God we know, and we come to know him deeper and more intimately. The knowing of God, who he is, and our status with him, keeps us walking with him, allowing him to shape us, mold us, empower us, and we can’t but help sing praises to him, dance before him, bow our knees in his presence in awe and wonderment.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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