The God who calls us, and works through us.

I often stutter, get my words mixed up, and go “Uhm and Arrr.” But, glory to God when ever he opens the door for me to preach, and after I open in prayer – I stop the Uhmming and Arrhing. Actually its not me who stops; it is God who empowers me to speak, its the Holy Spirit who empowers me to speak clearly.

I was invited to share the message at church yesterday. My experience was the same.  I was uhmming and arrghing terribly as I opened in an introduction and as we tried to get the microphone working. Eventually we changed to a handheld mic. But, once I opened in prayer. and started the message, once again  God stopped the uhmming and arghing.

Yesterday we worked through the Gospel of Matthew, concluding with the story in Matthew 14 where Jesus walked on water, and Peter jumped out of the boat to walk on water also. It’s my conclusion that Peter jumped out of the boat in presumption and not faith. It’s my conclusion that Jesus told Peter to come, because he had no choice but to say come; after Peter questioned his identity.

But, Peter’s questioning the identity of Jesus is not an isolated incident. He is one of many who question his identity; and in chapter 11 we find John the Baptist among others who likewise question the identity of Jesus.

You can listen along here if you like.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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