We have to start, continue, and finish with Jesus.

I randomly opened up a devotional book that my wife is reading yesterday which is full of quotes from Charles Spurgeon. I was really encouraged by it and thought I would blog about it today. But, the problem is, I did not take note of what the page number is, and can’t find it this morning.

So I’m sorry I don’t have the reference to it. But, to paraphrase what he said, is to paraphrase what the Bible says about starting, continuing, and finishing with Jesus. Jesus tells us. He invites us. He beckons us. He encourages us. He kinda even urgently screams at us – to come to him just as we are.

It doesn’t matter how tall or short you are. How chubby, or thin you are. How muscular or not you are. How well, or sick you are. How rich or poor you are. How old you are. What your social class, gender, or nationality is. It doesn’t matter about your past and what was, or wasn’t done to you. It doesn’t matter what you have done; or haven’t done.

Jesus says, Come to me, just as you are; for I will give you rest. I will forgive you your sins. I will renew your hope. I will give you renewed, and new purpose.

And this invitation. This calling. This beckoning, for us to come to him, is a lifelong invitation for us to continue to come to him, as we are. For he knows, that we cannot come to him any other way.

And therefore, its on this basis our prayer life becomes powerful. Our prayers become full of hope. Our prayers become full of faith. Our prayers are based on the foundation of the relationship we have with Jesus; in that we come to him as we are. And because he knows who we are… he can’t have it any other way.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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