We are perfect.

It doesn’t take people long to realize upon meeting me I have a keen, or should that be, a wicked sense of humor. On Sunday at church I shared the communion message around Hebrews 10: 14 14 For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.

The truth be told, I don’t know how many times I have read that passage and surrounding passages and skipped over the being made perfect bit – until Sunday morning, and the Holy Spirit illuminated to me like a neon light.

The verse gripped my very heart, God has perfected us – though, though the walk of sanctification is a ongoing one towards holiness – the blood of Jesus has wiped every sin away. Perfectly, and therefore there is no condemnation for any in Christ Jesus.

Yesterday morning I had a knock at the door, and on opening it, discovered two Jehova witnesses standing at the door, asking if I would like to talk to them about God. Immediately, my wicked sense of humor rises to the fore, and I said to them, “Why, do you want to talk to me about God, I am perfect!”

I have learnt that when the JW’s come knocking, its best to rattle them a little, so that they can’t continue with their prepared script, and normally, many of them find it hard to discuss any Scripture outside of the Script they know. Yesterday was the same. And they asked me if I knew what the Bible said about my claim to be perfect?

To which again I replied “Yes I do, the Bible tells me that I am perfect!” By now, I have truly rattled them. And so I grabbed my Bible and we looked up Hebrews 10:14. And what do you know, their New World translation says exactly the same thing… that for once and for all, we have been made perfect.

This floored them, and they tried to argue against it – until I said to them, “You said to me, that you wanted to discuss God, and the Bible. Either you believe the Bible, or you don’t, which is it For the Word of God clearly tells me that through the sacrifice of Christ, every believer has been made perfect.”

You could see the neon lights starting to light up behind their eyes, as the Spirit of God started to reveal to them the truth about Christ, once and for all. My phone rang, and so I made an excuse to go and answer it, and close down the discussion. They wanted me to take some of their literature, which I declined, politely telling them that we had some serious distinctions of belief, and that I needed to take the call, which ended up being from my wife.

Friends being perfected in Christ, doesn’t mean that I am, or you are perfect. For we are still in the process of being made holy. But, for those who put their trust in Jesus, we are made perfect in Jesus, because all of our faults, our sins, our foibles, and our lawlessness is forgiven and forgotten by God. And that is good news indeed.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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2 Responses to We are perfect.

  1. Drewe says:

    So Craig, your sense of humor is ‘perfect’? Love it 😀

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