It’s Done and Do! Not, Do and Done!

Last night a group of us were sitting around at church for a bible study with Dr. Stan DeKoven, who is the president of Vision College.  We are also extremely blessed at our church, to have Dr Ken Chant, as one of our members and regular preachers, who is the founder of Vision College. Teaching certainly runs in their family, as his brother Barry Chant, likewise founded the well respected Tabor college. 

During our discussion we debunked the myths about having to forcibly enter our way into the presence of God. That we have to force our way to receive the blessings of God.  Of particular concern was those tele evangelists who say, give me $100 and God will bless you ten fold. Or those who teach that we have to pray and fast to find God.

The fact of the matter is, we already have every spiritual blessing through Christ. We already are seated in the heavenly realms with Jesus, who has brought us into relationship with God, because of what he has done. We don’t have to beg God to be able to come into his presence. Simply because, we are already there.

Certainly there are times when we don’t feel we are close to God. It’s during those experiences its commonly said that God hasn’t moved; its us who have moved away from God… To that, I want to say, its total rubbish! It’s total bunkum! And the rural farmer side of me wants to say its totally something found in the cattle yards; but I wont!

For the Apostle Paul says that there is no height, no depth, no width, no nothing, that can separate us from the love of God. King David declared in one of his songs, that there is no where we can escape from God’s presence. And so Paul teaches us that the Spirit of God works through all things, over all things, and is within all things.

Friends, if your a Christian, you can freely come to God, because you are already positioned beside him, because of what Christ has done for you. Let us boldly come to God, because, God has already seated us beside him.

And its from this position, that we step out in obedience, because of what has already been done for us.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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