The Shack Has a Roof.

I have been busy. Busier than normal. I plunged into the deep end and took two intensive subjects this semester – which has knocked me about a little. In hindsight, I should have only taken the one subject. The two subjects I took was “Islam” and “Apologetics.” Tomorrow I will upload my last assignment for Islam, and I can have a little breather. Then onto the next assignment for Apologetics.

I have also been busy scrounging. I am a firm believer in recycling. Why buy new, if you don’t have to. I picked up some sheets of roofing material that someone was throwing out. They are in near new condition, and have a few screw holes in one end, which I can easily patch up. I also scrounged some timber which another person was throwing out, which were perfectly good for the rafters. I did have to splurge on 3 lengths of 90mm*45mm bearers; but praise the Lord, the local hardware store had them on special. So, whilst battling the flu and feeling like the walking dead, I managed over a period of 5 days to roof our shack.

The shack is the name we are giving our outdoor entertainment area. With the Lord’s blessing, we are hoping to build a pizza oven, open fire place / chimney and smoke house down one end. And place the gas burning bbq on the other. When enough pennies are saved, we will eventually concrete the floor – sadly that appears to be the one thing that I cannot scrounge, nor recycle. I’ll throw some photos up in a day or two. I need to clean the yard up a bit before I dare take the pics as it looks like a bomb hit it.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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