What a day.

What a day. God is good. All the time. I was up and about early this morning, as Jo eagerly made a beeline out the door to look after her grandson. While checking my emails, I received one from one of our church pastors, who runs his own business, some pics of some pallets and cable drums, which he was offering me. “I’m always on the scrounge for suitable pallets to burn and do wood work with. So I was off and out and got them, all before 8am. To my delight, all the pallets were marked HT, meaning heat treated, and not treated with chemicals. Upon getting home, I unloaded them, started to make some breakfast, and the rains came bucketing down.  Thank you Lord, I missed getting wet.

I cooked up a feed of bacon, eggs, and baked beans and leisurely sat down to eat it, with a cup of tea in hand. Phone in hand, I turned it on, and checked out the variety of texts and messages on it. Till I found an interesting one.

It was a death threat. But, it was more than a death threat – the threat was against my wife, my kids, myself.  And it wasn’t just one threat. There were eight of them recorded on my phone. Sigh! Groan! I know the man who was making them. He was pissed of his rocker. He was cheesed off with me, because he asked me on Sunday if I would do something for him, and I told him I wasn’t able to, with an explanation of why. In other words, I was placing a few boundaries at the time.

So I rang a few people, including the police. And I made a status on my facebook page, naming him for the threats he had made. The police came out, they listened to the voice mails and said they would go and chat with him.

Now, I have to say, I was filled with peace. God’s peace saturated my soul. I don’t think he was serious. BUT, at the same time, this guy is known for his bullying, manipulation and bullying behavior in the local area, and I wasn’t going to put up with it. And 8 verbal threats, which included getting biker gangs involved, the burning down of our home etc…had to be taken with some element of seriousness. I was glad that my wife was out of the home at the time, and she didn’t hear them. I didn’t tell her about them till late this afternoon when she came back home.

So what does one do when he receives some threats. It was raining outside, so I decided to clean the oven. (As one does, when he receives death threats.) I had heard about a nifty idea about wrapping the oven racks in foil, and soaking them in hot water and detergent, till the water cools. When unwrapped, the grease and grime just slays off. I cheated on cleaning the oven…and turned it on high and allowed it to bake the stuff left, until the oven stopped smoking. I have to say the oven is much better. The racks fairly sparkling clean.

But, I left a huge grease ring around the bathtub. And nothing seemed to work to clean it down. Until, I spied the Armour Car Wash, and used that, and it worked. We have a sparkling clean bathtub.

I have faced death a number of times and from a number of directions over the years. I have had guns pointed at me when called to help a suicidal man. I have had a number of near death experiences through anaphylaxis  and viral encephalitis. I have been threatened to be stabbed a couple of times, and had a few close calls with snakes on the farm.

The truth is, all of us face death. Death is not a threat- its a certainty. It’s going to happen. Scripture tells us that it was while we were dead in sin, that we become alive in Christ. And the gift of Christ is life. Eternal life. Forgiven life. I am not intimidated by the threat of death. That is for myself; though, naturally enough, I am not going to go looking for it. And when someone threatens my family, that is another topic all together.

I am blessed to follow the God who is for us, and not against us. I walk in the security that he offers me. Sadly, the man who threatened me, doesn’t. He rejects the hope of the gospel and so sadly he walks the ways of the world. And the ways of the evil one.

Join me in prayer for this man and his family. For he needs a revelation and a heart change. And only God can do that.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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