More Additions To The Collection.

It’s no secret that I like the great outdoors. In the warm weather I like to fish and come the cooler months of the year, you will find me at home sitting beside the fire, camping in the bush, hunting fishing etc. One of the main tools which I use often is a knife. Since a young boy I have had an interest in knives and have had a pocket knife for as long as I can remember. Now that I am close to 50, I have a small collection and have posted about it here and here before.

A month ago, I decided to check out this internet site called “Ebay.” I have never used it before; though, while searching Google for a variety of things, I have been taken to it. My wife uses it often. She is a wizz at tracking down a bargain. And so I jumped on her account and ended up buying some knives. Four of them in fact.

knife 4knife 1These two knives are interesting little camping knives, which in reality are around the size of a paring knife. Their sheaf is also plastic molded whistle, which are intended for emergency situations. However, I found they have another purpose to them also. I used to spend many a winter day whistling up foxes with either a purpose shop bought whistle, or one I made from some bent tin, with a hole punched in it with a nail. These whistles work well for that purpose also.

knife 3 knife 2 The next two knives are a little larger. The one on the left is supposed to be a diving knife. It’s lightweight and rather blunt. Though the serrated edge is sharp and works well as a saw. I don’t really have much of a purpose for it, except to throw it into the fishing tackle box, and use it as a oyster and bait knife.

The other one is a rip off of the American Buck Knife. I was surprised to find that it actually sharpened up well and seems to hold its edge nicely. I used it to dice up some ox hearts for the dogs, which are a tough cut of meat. And I was impressed with it. Overall, I think it will make a nice general purpose hunting, skinning, and camp knife. All up, they cost under $35, and I think they are a good bargain.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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2 Responses to More Additions To The Collection.

  1. TWH says:

    Craig, I can’t resist to comment on this one too. I was at the gun store in North Carolina with my dad over the weekend. They had some of the Benchmade Infidels (e.g., in stock. I’d seen police with them, but never held one. The price was astronomical, but seriously these knives were amazing. It’s a shame someone can walk around with a gun in North Carolina, but if they want to carry one of these knives I have to either be military or a lawman. Funny thing was anyone can purchase the knife in the gun store; but it is illegal to carry it. The million dollar question: How does a person buy it and carry it home? 🙂

    • Craig Benno says:

      Hahahah ironic question about owning and carrying. I guess there is a difference between it being attached to your belt and it being wrapped and placed in a bag.

      Here in Australia, we cannot legally carry knives around with us in public; unless we have a reasonable excuse for it. So a fishing knife in a tackle box is ok, if your fishing. A hunting knife on your belt, while out in the bush is ok – but, not ok, to walk down a street with it.
      I carry a Swiss Army knife or a Gerber Multitool with me all the time. But, I can show I have a reasonable excuse to do so.

      I’m hoping to come and visit the states sometime in the future. I want to experience anvil shooting, which I believe happens in DB’s neck of the woods. If and when we come, would love to meet you in person Thomas.

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