Taking the Gospel to the Highways, Byways and Back-blocks to every child, woman and man.

I was browsing the internet for “Urban Chaplaincy” and found a number of sites like this one, which promotes “Street Chaplaincy.”  I followed their training links and found this fantastic statement, which was penned by Reverend Carment Urquhart who started Perth Bible College in 1928. 

The shame of a world not yet evangelised should rouse us to vigorous activity. It is our business to publish the Gospel of Jesus Christ among all nations: it is God’s business to see that we are able to do it. …The regular ministry cannot supply this need. Where are the men and women whom God desires to be trained in our institute for “the greatest work in the world”; the preaching of the gospel both within and without our State?

Street Chaplaincy is a way of taking the Gospel into the outer parts of our world. The power within this missional statement is an eternal command, to go…get out…take the message with you… tell others about God’s eternal love for his creation.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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