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Proof that Christian beliefs are not a product of 4th century distortion.

Michael J. Kruger, who authors Canon Fodder has beaut little article on the earliest record we have about the Gospel / s being written. He quotes Aristides, a converted Athenian philosopher, who wrote an apology to emperor Hadrian around 125 A.D. The Christians, … Continue reading

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Our Nation is Called Australia. Let’s Celebrate Australia Day.

Normally I agree with much of what Dick Smith says. But, this time round, I think he has been hanging around with too many pie in the sky, low fat angora rabbit milk latte sipping yuppies, whose heads are high … Continue reading

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I Pray – The Greatness of Prayer. Timothy Keller. Chap 2.

This is my second post on Timothy Keller’s book “Prayer.” You can find my first post here.  The Greatness of Prayer. He breaks this chapter into the themes that prayer is Supreme, Integral, Hard, Central and Rich. He begins with; … Continue reading

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10 lessons we can learn from the early church fathers.

The Onfaith Blog posts an interesting link to a book by John Michael Talbot. In their post they highlight 10 points we can learn from the early church fathers. While I like all the points, I particularly like point 10. 10. The lives of the … Continue reading

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Friend and fellow blogger

A friend and fellow blogger Brian Fulthorp from συνεσταύρωμαι: living the crucified life has had his blog suspended. Through talking with him last night, it seems that Word Press’s automatic spam bot detector wrongly detected his blog as doing the wrong thing. It’s a terrible … Continue reading

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Our weapons of warfare are….

Perhaps more so now, than any other time in our global history, we need to raise up in prayer. Our Christian leaders need to lead the way in a loud clarion call to prayer. We saw this recently in Sydney. A … Continue reading

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Lets Praise God With Freedom Of Emotion – Psalm 9

One of my favorite college subjects was Christian Spirituality. I remember one lecture extremely well, when we had a Greek Orthodox Professor take the class. He encouraged us to get deep into the Psalms as they will deepen our relationship … Continue reading

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We are not the product of our environment – we are the product of our expectations.

Brother Dave writes an interesting blurb on this issue.  Finally, an interview on NPR on my drive home really nailed something I have been thinking about for a very long time. The person being interviewed said something to this effect: … Continue reading

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Justification. Is it imputed or declared. Does it really matter?

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Interview with Ben Witherington – Like him or be offended by him – he answers with dignity and grace.

Ben Witherington gives a solid interview in this clip. He talks about a number of subjects in a graceful manner. I’ll mention some of the parts that caught my attention, which may not in the order they are presented in the … Continue reading

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