10 lessons we can learn from the early church fathers.

The Onfaith Blog posts an interesting link to a book by John Michael Talbot. In their post they highlight 10 points we can learn from the early church fathers. While I like all the points, I particularly like point 10.

10. The lives of the Fathers took place in the real world, just as ours do today.

It was often “messy,” just as our life can be today. They encourage us to see the infallible work of the Spirit under the appearance of the ordinary and fallible things of the Church.

We often have a romanticism that the early church had it better then we have it today. And within many circles there is a move to try and re-establish the church / society to be what it used to be. The truth is, we need to struggle with the Gospel today: Not to distort its truths, and water down its claims; but rather, grapple with how do we engage society with its truth, just as the early church fathers had to.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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