Interview with Ben Witherington – Like him or be offended by him – he answers with dignity and grace.

Ben Witherington gives a solid interview in this clip. He talks about a number of subjects in a graceful manner. I’ll mention some of the parts that caught my attention, which may not in the order they are presented in the interview.

His views towards liberalism in the Methodist movement will offend the Liberals, when he tells them to go and start their own denomination. He makes an encouraging point that conservatism in the church is growing – and liberalism is declining.

He makes a clear case on why he is not a Calvinist; making the point that no matter how hard they try and get around it and deny it; Calvinism teaches that God is the author of evil. And not just some evil; he is the author of all evil.

He discusses the rapture and how its a modern theology that has no grounding in the church, till the 18th century. He makes an interesting observation that it does however create a motivation for urgent evangelistic zeal. He notes that every Christian should have a zeal to see everyone come to know the Lord.

Another point he makes is that our encounter with God is bigger and beyond our ability to articulate it. It’s doesn’t depend on our knowledge and ability which makes us a Christian – its the encounter with God, and the born again experience where we experience and know Jesus which counts. He doesn’t discount the need for right teaching and academic research of the Scriptures – instead places them in their rightful place. I was touched when he shared the story of a friend: who is mentally impaired. Who can’t explain the Scriptures. Can’t explain the nuances of the Trinity. – But, he loves Jesus. He knows Jesus. His prayers are Jesus / God centered and passionate.  And his experience of God, is greater then his ability to articulate it.

Anyway, have a watch for yourselves. I got a lot out of it, and I am sure you will too.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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