Surprised by Greek. Well not really.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I bought a copy of the  Learn to Read New-testament Greek, Work Book. It’s  different to another work book I have used in the past. Perhaps a lot of those differences can be explained by the structural differences between the two texts they are keyed to.
Getting beyond the structural differences of where the authors differ: One starts with verbs, the other with nouns; both start with the alphabet and the structure of how that works. I am enjoying the format of this work book in how it asks questions. It asks plenty of them.

It forces me as a student to go back and re-read the subject and digest the information in a way I previously wasn’t forced to do. The questions give me an interpretive tool in how to understand the text book and to understand the information that I am meant to learn. And why I am mean’t to learn it.

I have had a long term love / hate relationship with Greek. I totally get the “WHY” of learning it, and its importance. My brain isn’t naturally wired to learn other languages. Honestly, I struggle reading, writing and speaking my own language properly. I find it easy to ask questions about the Scriptures, and I want to find out if the Scriptures actually say what we think it says.

Last year we suffered death and injury in our family: our family dog, granddad. A number of friends passed away. I injured my feet. And I took a 12 months sabbatical from study. Actually the truth be told – I did very little reading at all. I enjoyed the break and it was much needed. But, now, I’m ramping up to continue study once again. And Greek is on my personal study agenda.

I have 3 subjects to finish my Bmin. One is a compulsory subject on Ethics, the others are electives of my choosing. One of those choices will be an intensive on Islam which starts in Feb. Which leaves me with one more. It’s only this week I have been thinking about doing Greek 2 as a subject. These thoughts are somewhat surprising to myself; as in the past I have avoided that subject like the plague. But, perhaps, my thinking has been, if I can get my level of understanding Greek up to a level beyond those starting Greek 2; I will be in with a chance to finish that subject and finish it well.


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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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