A Vision. In the midst of pain.

This morning as I was reflecting on the nature of pain, and why it is when we are in so much pain, Jesus seems so blurry to us. I had a vision of someone hugging another. It was a father hugging his child. It wasn’t a bro hug – it was a big manly hug, where the child’s face was buried in his fathers chest.

Then I realized that it is in the times we are deeply hugged and held, we cannot see the other clearly. And in the midst of our pain, we don’t really experience the other. But we do receive comfort.

Friends, if your going through a hard time, and wondering where is God in the midst of it? If your going through a hard time and your vision of God is blurry. Perhaps its because your clinging so tightly to him and God is hugging you back – that this is the very comfort you need.

To all my friends who are going through trials and hardship today – may you truly know the comfort of the Lord. Blessings. cb

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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