Some personal thoughts on the subject of [Im] passibility: the Incarnation and the Trinity.

The incarnation is purely God’s work. God foretold he would come and dwell among us as a human and he did through the person of Jesus Christ. Within the framework of any discussion about the discussion of [im] passibility – its important that we include a trinitarian discussion on the Godhead. Within this discussion; we must note that the persons are not more than the sum of the Godhead.

We acknowledge that the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit are fully God. We acknowledge that each person is fully divine. Yet, we must also note that individually, they are not the fullness of God – for the fullness of God is found in the context of the whole and not the individual. Each member of the Trinity achieve a specific purpose in their roles within the Godhead. And its within the discussion of the specific roles of each member of the Trinity, that we gain the right perspective regarding the doctrine of passiblity for Christ.

Within a Trinitarian context – we can acknowledge that the fullness of Christ died and suffered on the cross; including his divine nature – without making the bold claim that the Godhead died on the cross. We can acknowledge that the divine nature of Christ suffered the fullness of the cross – without stating that the Godhead suffered that pain on the cross. For the Father didn’t die and suffer on the cross. The Spirit didn’t suffer and die on the cross. And because the Father and Spirit didn’t die on the cross – we can state with assurance that when Christ’s divine nature died on the cross – we can make that statement without claiming the Godhead died on the cross.

The purpose of Jesus, the third person of the Godhead was to became God incarnate. His purpose was to take the sins of the world upon himself. And that the wages of sin is death. And that his purpose was to offer to all of humanity forgiveness for sin and the offer of eternal life through his resurrection after paying the price of sin. Though both the Father and Son have a might role and connection in the ministry of Jesus – this purpose was one that only Jesus was purposed for.

Let us reflect mightily and deeply on the Christ who incarnated himself to take away the sins of the world. Let us reflect deeply and worship the God who took on our death, so that we might live. For this is the core essence of the Gospel.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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