3 blogs in a row on the same subject – why?

You may have noticed that I have just posted my 3rd blog on the same subject. You may be interested in why I do that. Then again you may not. Most of my blogging isn’t to disseminate information. Though certainly it has provided much conversation at times through being linked to on FaceBook. My main reason for blogging is that its a media for me to think out-loud. I can tease and play with a subject and look at it from many angles and in doing so – come to a closer picture of what it is I believe and why.

Over the years I have blogged, I have shared things that I no longer believe. I have also struggled through many issues which I once didn’t believe and have now embraced as truth. And I have come to commit other things to as being important to me within a foundation of faith.

Perhaps for most of my readers the things I post about are not important to them. That is ok. Perhaps for others, some of the things I post about are old hat, they are arguments of the past which have no bearing for us today. If that is you, I can respect that position and understand where it is your coming from.

But for me – they are things which are important for me. I want to know what it is I believe and why. I want to be challenged as to what I believe and why I believe it. Though, if you do challenge me as to my positions – you can expect me to challenge back- as I work through those issues.
Ultimately for myself Christ and his salvation for me, and not only for me – but for all of humanity – is the biggest pressing issue the world faces. There is no other issue that has a higher priority then that. And so it’s important to me that I get this right.

And so, yes, its true that over the last few days I have posted on the same subject and perhaps have repeated myself again in each post. The reason is because its an important subject to me – and is one where I have been thinking through the nuances of my understanding on the subject.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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