I won. Thank you Lord.

Phiilip J Long, blogs at Reading Acts and is a blog I have followed for a number of years. Recently he ran a blog competition for a copy of “Michael Bird’s The Gospel of the Lord.”

This morning as I did my morning rounds of checking blogs and email; I discovered I had won. I am stoked on this one. It’s a book I have wanted to get since it came out and I just haven’t had the funds to get it. To make matters worse – last Christmas I was given a gift card from Koorong; which is our Aussie Christian Book Store Chain. I didn’t rush out and spend it, wanting instead to think about what to use it on. I was to earmark it for this book when I read a few reviews on it – However I found the card has vanished into the never never of where ever gift cards end up. ( I emptied my wallet 6 months ago when we went on a road trip from anything I didn’t need on that trip.) Along with that card, two other gift cards vanished also. Talk about frustrating. 

Anyways, the good Lord knows I wanted this book. Yes, its true, I had prayed to him about it during the year that in what ever way he managed it that he would provide it. Last month, I had some spare cash and didn’t feel peace about going and buying it – feeling the Lord was telling me to wait. Anyways, enough of my ramble.

Phillip. Thanks mate. I look forward to getting this book and reading it over the Christmas break.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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