Witherington engages with Bloomberg and both blow Ehrman out of the water.

Ben Witherington has finished an eight part series, where he engaged with Craig Bloomberg’s book, “Can we still believe the Bible?” 

I really enjoyed reading through his reflections and when finances permit, would like read through this book myself. Regarding the chapter on irrenancy, its a soap box issue of mine, where I believe that Scripture is inerrant – but, our interpretation of it is often faulty. And therefore we need to be careful as to how we interpret and understand Scripture.

In regards to this – its been a long held belief, that Genesis 1 – 3 must be understood within a ‘Theological Narrative” framework, and not a factual scientific framework. By this, I mean, it begins with Moses standing on a hill, telling the Israelite’s their story. The creation account is combating the Egyptian idolatry. He is setting the theme for why and how God was able to defeat and destroy the Egyptian idols so convincingly. Within the creation account – God creates creation in the image of how he imagines creation to be. However, when it comes to humanity, he creates them in his own image – with the order to subdue creation.
Idolatry reverses this order, where humanity submits to creation – and worships what is created as god. God is the creator. We must worship him as such and give him all the glory for it. This sets the framework to understand not only the Pentateuch, but the rest of the OT in regards to its position on idolatry.

We miss so much of the richness of God’s word when we insist and force upon it our own modern understanding – instead of reading the text through the eyes and ears of those whom it was first spoken to.

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