The Tree Shoots Back.

Dave Black links to a great video this morning.  He is right in that the comments are hilarious. There are close to 1500 comments on it now – so I”m not going to add my own there. But I will encourage you to bite the bullet,  go out on a limb and read them and not be sappy about it. 😉

In a few days time I will be headed to outback NSW with some friends as we celebrate the 21st birthday of one of our young men. I have a mix of fear and excitement for it. Its going to be hot where we are going and I don’t really cope well with the heat. Not to mention the 8 to 10 hour drive there. However the fellowship and company will out weigh the negatives. We are headed off to a large cattle station ( I think its around 26,000 acres) which is a large piece of dirt. Though, its tiny compared to the largest property in Australia which  is bigger then the state of Texas in U.S.A. I’m planning and hoping to bring back some wild goat and pig meat. Because the property is owned by indigenous traditional land owners who are legally allowed to hunt and eat Kangaroo, I hope to add some Kangaroo meat to the mix also.

There is something special in going bush. There is something about wide open spaces and enclosed forests which enrich my soul. There is something special and enriching about tapping into our primitive ancestral DNA in hunting and gathering our own food.  Some look on me and others like me with horror. It’s  like I am some kind of wild beast of an animal, to think that I would do something as inhumane as hunt for my own meat; while they are happy to munch on boutique sausages bought from the local butcher or supermarket. As a hunter, I believe I show the animal more respect by being actively involved in the process of stalking, hunting, butchering, preparing and eating it – then someone who eats meat, and distances themselves from the process and believe they have a measure of ethical superiority because they eat with clean hands and distanced mind.

Lets hope that no tree fights back while we are away.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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