The Parable of the Talents.

George Athas (With Meagre Powers), wrote a compelling article about the parable of the talents, where one servant buried the money his master had given him – and another two invested wisely and were given more when the master returned. In the introduction he refers to a recent archaeological find where a small sack of buried coins had been found – and makes the case that it was a known practice for people to bury money as mentioned in the parable. (Particularly in a time of war. )  He makes the case that this parable wasn’t about the talents themselves – rather it was about the masters doing what he said he would do – and that was to return. It was an ultimate indictment against the religious leaders of the day  whom Jesus was referring to as the wicked servant. The point being their wickedness was that they didn’t believe Jesus was who he said he was, and would do what he said he would do.

I found it refreshing in how he shows the main thrust of the parable is about Christ’s resurrection and his engagement with the religious establishment of the day  and is not about what we do or don’t do.


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