My Heart Breaks about Racism?

T.C Robinson calls for our preachers to preach against racism, in his latest post called, In Your Pulpits, Where are all the Sermons against Racism?.

One of my favorite themes in Scripture is “In Christ, there is no racial, social, gender or age distinction” – all are equally sinful, all are equally forgiven – are adopted as sons through his blood. There is no hierarchy of believers based on nationality, social class, gender or age.  It’s my belief that if any believer practices and or preaches a form of segregation or racism within the church – they drink judgement on themselves whenever they take communion. When the early church partook in communion, slaves would sit down at the table and eat with their masters as equals. The poor would sit down with the rich and eat together as equals. Women, children and men, would sit and eat together as equals, celebrating the goodness of Christ.

I meet regularly with a group of diverse men where we sit around a fire, have a meal together and discuss life and faith together. We have a mix of guys who have a Indigenous, Indian, Fijian, Middle East and European background, all of us come from different social class experiences. But together as fellowship around the fire – deeper friendships are made and we make time for each other during the week. The church we fellowship with, likewise is a multicultural church, which practices communion on a weekly basis. (note – the men’s group and the church we fellowship with, are two distinct ministries and not related to each other.) 

T.C says, , I continue to hear from the pulpit sermons against this sin and that sin, in our society.  But you do not preach against racial discrimination and racial injustice toward blacks and other minorities.

Personally I don’t like preaching against sin. I don’t think its productive. I don’t think its Godly. Instead, I prefer to preach about Christ, who is the forgiver of our sins. I prefer to preach about what it means to be Kingdom people. What does it mean when all become equal and accepted in Christ. And while preaching about Christ – I expect the Holy Spirit who is extremely effective in his work of convincing and comforting – will do his work of pointing us to Christ, convincing us of our sin, and comforting us through changing our hearts and minds with the truth of what the Gospel means for us. Lets celebrate the communion of Christ. Let all nations, gender, social class and ages break bread and drink the cup together, proclaiming Christ – for this is what communion celebrates. Lets proclaim Christ, not only in mere words – lets proclaim him through truth and love in action – because if we don’t – it very well could be that we drink and eat judgement on ourselves.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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2 Responses to My Heart Breaks about Racism?

  1. TC Robinson says:

    Craig, thanks for this. I understand that you don’t like to preach against sin. But there’s a place for it. Jesus did. Paul did. Before we can offer the good news, we must point out the need for it, precisely because we continue to witness the bad in our lives.

    Excellent thoughts on the unifying nature of the communion, but we first get there through the foolish message of the cross.

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