What is more valuable: What you have, or what is on offer?

Perhaps like me, you too struggle understanding the meaning of many of the stories  that Jesus told. Some of his stories are easy to understand, while others are much harder. One story / parable that I have struggled to understand is one found in Matthew 13:44, where Jesus told a parable about a hidden treasure that someone finds in a field. He tells how the person who finds it, goes and sells all they have to buy that field; such is the immensity of the treasure. 

I’m currently reading Dallard Willard’s book, Revolution of Character. On page 60 he gives an explanation of this parable which I think totally nails its meaning. Think about the treasure that is found in the field. It’s so valuable, the person who found it, gladly and joyfully sold all they had to buy that field. Do you think this person was sad and reluctant to sell all they had? No! Not at all! 

The meaning of the parable is that Jesus is the treasure. He calls us to give up our life to come and follow him. He doesn’t call us to come follow him reluctantly. He calls us to come follow him gladly. He calls us to deny ourselves to come and follow him. But what is it we are denying? And what is it we are gaining? We are called to lose ourselves in his eternal immeasurable love. Allowing that eternal immeasurable love to change us, mold us, hold us, cover over, well up within and flow out from us. 

Why would we want to hang onto our own lives – whether our life is good or bad – when, such a immeasurably valuable treasure is freely offered to us… all we need to do is deny ourselves, acknowledge the fact that there is a better way and accept Jesus. 

Perhaps you would like to pray this prayer with me. _ Jesus, I need you. I need your love to permeate through me, cover me and flow through me. I turn from my ways and accept you. Help me to know what it means to walk in your love. To walk in your forgiveness. To turn away from my sin. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, and show me the riches of your immeasurable love. 


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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