Fictition is nothing on the real evil of humanities brutality.

I admit I enjoy action flicks of all genres. Cowboys and indians. Cops and robbers.Some of my favourites are the subtitled asian kung fu and ninja ones. I can’t understand a word that is being said. My little knowledge of linguistics tells me that the subtitles only tell me the gist of what is being said. So I know I am missing out on the nuances, ironies and humor in the movie. I am told that I have a wicked and weird sense of humor. I like the slapstick b grade cowboy movies. Such as  The Trinity Brothers series. I also enjoy watching war movies of many genres. Such as the civil war in America. The variety of wars that happened in Europe. The Three Musketeers are also among my favorite which reflects the in house political fighting in France.

Last night I watched “Crocodile Dundee 2.” It told the story of how Mick Dundee had to bring his wife back to Australia to protect her from drug lords who were out to get her. It resulted with some people being shot. Some were wounded. Some were killed. There seemed to be justice involved. The good guys win. The bad guys lose. I have seen this movie a number of times in the past. I knew how it was going to pan out. In many ways the reality of life and death portrayed on the screen is all bells and whistles. I was recently blessed to be involved as an extra for a small producer making a sci fi movie in Sydney. My short stint enabled me to see how the bells, smells, smoke and whistles look like reality. And the truth is, from the safety of our lounge chair, we know the movies we watch are just fiction. No one is really dying in the shows we watch. Yes the stories may raise a tear. They may raise a cheer. But, we soon get over it.

But, over the last few weeks I have seen some videos that were not made in Hollywood. They are not made of bells, smells, smoke and whistles to look like reality. They are reality. What I have watched was and is truly traumatic. The first one I watched was ISIS executing 12 bound men. One by one they shot them. Then then the whole group emptied their guns into their bodies. There was no entertainment in watching this. The sheer horror and evil of humanity was being portrayed in front of me. There was no escaping it. I saw another bound man being beaten to a pulp with a plank. His legs and his feet were pulverised. They were smashed to pieces. He was left laying on the ground, bound. I saw a child. A young boy being forced to lay on the ground with his arm outstretched. I don’t know what he did. But they drove a truck over his arm. Back and forth this truck went over his arm, smashing it to bits.

Yesterday I watched another video, where a Christian man was being forced to recant his faith, and turn to Islam. He repeated the inmans words. He renounced his Christian faith. He publicly called on Allah. The inman then said, they were not going to shoot him. Instead, because he didn’t believe he had renounced his faith in Christ, they were going to cut his head off. The bound man was grabbed. A large knife produced. And someone proceeded to cut this bound mans head of. He didn’t use the knife like a sword. Instead, he used it like a saw, and sawed the mans head off. It took some time for him to do it. His death was not instant. Nor would it have been painless.

Yesterday I saw photos where islamists crucified 8 men for being Christians. Many Christians around the world are being forced out of their homes because of what they believe. Churches are being burnt down. Families forced out of their homes. Families being forced to recount their christian faith. And if they do, the women forced to undergo genital mutilation. Women and girls are being stolen and sold to or being forcibly married to Muslim men and forced to convert to Islam.

Tonight I watched another one. ISIS again in Syria. The had three bound men laying on the ground. They beat them with big sticks. They threw a truck tyre repeatedly on them. One mans head was set on fire. And then they pissed on his head and stomped on it, to put it out. They laid the boot into their face, their genitals, their legs and stomachs. They were laughing as they did it. I watched how a group of men gave a young girl, who looked like she was 1o or 12, a machine gun, and made her fire it around the corner of a building up the street, and they were laughing as someone else returned fire at the girl.

I have no idea where this happened. But it made me sick in the stomach. I nearly vomited after watching them. Why watch them you might ask me. Good question, as its one I have asked myself repeatedly. I certainly haven’t watched them for entertainment sake. I am blessed that I have cyber friends all around the world. And so I have watched them to see some of the true evilness which they are experiencing. Some of the videos have come from them. Others have been linked to me from a variety of sources. I read in the newspapers that many are crying to the U.N to stop the wars. To stop the brutality. To stop the evilness of it all. They are asking humans to do that which is impossible.

There is only one who is able to do the impossible. He has taken on humanitys evilness. Through him, and only through him is peace truly found. And through him we can pray to the one who can do the miraculous.

Father God, I beg you, cover the world with your spirit of peace. Let it hover over the waters evil and change them to love. Father God, change the hearts of the brutal and evil in our world. Deliver them from the evil which has so pervaded them. Fill them with the knowledge of your love. Your ways. Your peace. Your Spirit. Cause your people to live and practice their faith in safety and peace. True peace. In Jesus name I pray.




About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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