God will provide. Even firewood if we ask for it.

“Father God, I need some firewood,”  I Simply prayed, and continued, “You have always provided us with wood in the past and our supplies are extremely low now, can you please provide us with some?” This is a regular prayer of mine. Rarely do we need to buy wood. The times we do, the Lord seems to always provide us with the extra cash to do so. 

Our supply of firewood had become extremely low and so I took our need to God during the week. The other day,  I managed to pick up a few hard wood pallets from a local factory, which gave me a few days worth of wood. As I was leaving, I spied a number of extra long pallets in the yard corner – making a note to come back and get them also. I also have a railway sleeper tied to my camper trailer, which I managed to pick up on the way back from our recent holidays. 

This morning I heard sawing and banging coming from next door. Upon some investigation, I discovered workmen working on the house, which had been recently sold. Being the nosy parker that I am, I went over and checked out what was happening and discovered a pile of timber in the front yard. A simple request of the workman, soon led me to throwing over my fence some good lengths of hardwood framing from the house that is being renovated. I have just finished cutting them up on my sliding saw and think I have a couple of weeks worth cut up. I estimate that we will only need the fire for the next 3 – 4 weeks on a nightly basis and then maybe need to fire it up on a random basis for those cooler nights and days. And so todays provision will indeed provide us for what we need. 

I love the way the Lord answers prayer. He tells us to take to him all our needs. We have never run out of wood for the fire. Last year someone gave me a couple of trees which had been cut down. 7 weeks ago I picked up the wood from another tree that had been hit by lightning and had been cut down. And some seasons I will go to a friends property and cut wood also. I still could have gone to my friends property to cut some wood. But, as its towards the end of the winter season, my chain saw blades need sharpening. The saw needs some servicing. The fuel can needs refilling and I need to get some more chain oil. With other expenses needing to be paid – we really didn’t have the funds to pay for all those others items…so I prayed. 

I can’t urge you enough to talk to God about all your needs. Spiritual needs. Physical needs. Emotional needs. Relational needs. And while praying about your own needs; also ask God to provide the needs of those around you. And then ask God, what it is, he just may need from you. For perhaps, he may use you to provide the answer of the prayers and needs for others. 

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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6 Responses to God will provide. Even firewood if we ask for it.

  1. Karen Mulvey says:

    So true Craig. God cares about every area of our lives

  2. Dave Black says:

    I’ve got plenty if you run out 🙂

    • Craig Benno says:

      I have some funny friends. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

      • Greg Smith says:

        We have been going through dire financial straights for the past few years. Lost our house, debt from trying to keep it (long story) etc.

        It’s amazing the things you actually don’t REALLY need that you think you do. God has never failed to provide food, clothing, shelter, phone and car. I work for my church instead of tithe. (for the most part) Computer guy.

        Just like what you’re talking about. Last minute provision. Calls for work within hours of having the phone shut off. EVERY time. He comes through. And even that’s far more than I deserve.

      • Craig Benno says:

        Greg, what an amazing testimony of our God’s goodness. Sorry to hear of your trials. What a blessing to see how you are truly trusting him as you journey together.

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