Odd’s and sods – sorrows and joy.

My thoughts and prayers are for Dave Black’s daughter and her family. Sadly, her baby died in the womb a few days before it was due to be born. A sad time indeed. 
Dave has also written (again) about how God hasn’t called one person to pastor a church; instead there are a plurality of elders in the church called to look after it. This is something that I totally agree with. But, I also think that the pastoral call call isn’t to just pastor the church. When we read about the ministry of Jesus, he went out into the community and pastored the community as well as looking after his followers. He trained his followers to Go Out and pastor the community. He called his followers to Go Out and heal the sick. Go Out and feed the hungry. Go Out and cast out demons. Go Out and clothe the naked. Go Out and visit the shut in. We see the father in the story of the Prodigal Son where the father would Go Out and look down the road for his son. We read the parables where the shepherd Went Out to find his lost sheep. And we read how Jesus in the resurrection went Out of the tomb and told us to Go Out into all the world. 

I’m feeling a bit sore today. I jammed my thumb in the tailgate of the camper trailer. I have a nice bruise / blood blister forming under the nail. Tomorrow we head out early for our Central Australia trip. First night will be Cobar. Followed by a couple of nights at Silverton. From there we will take a few days getting to Uluru and come back via the Oodnadatta Track before coming home. Mark Stevens I will give you a wave as I go past Adelaide towards Port Augusta. Internet access will be sporadic – but, hope to post some pics along the way. 

May you grow deeper in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and grow in his grace. 

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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