Do we need to read and reflect more slowly and perhaps act more quickly?

I have been reading through Luke and was suddenly taken back by a  particular verse. Luke 9:28 About 8 days after Jesus said this, he took  Peter, John and James with him. 

The part of the verse that flashed out to me like neon lights was the part of the verse that says, “About 8 days after Jesus said this…”  It made me stop and reflect about my own and perhaps the practices of others who read the Scriptures. I often hear it encouraged, and indeed have encouraged others to read through the Bible in a one year reading plan. Indeed there is a lot to be said for this; I totally devoured the Bible 3 times in the first year I encountered God. My spirit man was like a huge dry sponge soaking up the spiritual nourishment.

However, I wonder what would happen if we decided to read and pray through the Gospels more slowly. The Gospel story spans roughly 3 years. There is 3 years of jam packed teaching and activity in their message. Would it make a difference to our own growth as disciples if we were to take our time in reflecting on the teachings and stories over a period of days. And not only reflect on them; but perhaps, even act on what Jesus is teaching us, before moving onto the next passage of teaching that took place some time later.

What are your thoughts?

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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