Do Charismatics deny ‘Sola Scripture” if so does that make them outside the Protestant movement?

Michael Patton from Credo House has written a blog post in regards to this question and comes to the conclusion that they are outside the Protestant movement. At the risk of standing on some toes, I believe that there are some Charismatic movements that are not only outside the Protestant mantle, but are also close to being outside the Christian movement all together. But, i would say this of some other Protestant groups which align themselves with the movement… such as Westboro Baptist Church. 

Michaels post was in regards to prophecy and from his understanding of prophecy that if its given to you, you have no choice but to take it face value as being Gods word. And therefore if its Gods higher word to us, it elevates itself over Scripture, which kinda makes the prophetic movement a papist one.  

I made the following comment to him and think it bears repeating here. 

I have a couple of questions and comments to make.

One of the hallmarks of the Protestant movement in regards to Sola Scripture is that of being obedient to Scripture. To be obedient to Scripture is being obedient to God. If we truly understand Scripture as being God’s word – we will obey it, even if we don’t understand it.

Anything that is contrary to God’s word becomes repugnant to us. So the idea and practice of Papist authority and other doctrines and theologies outside of Scripture become rightly repugnant to the Protestant movement.

Within the scope of being obedient to Scripture, Scripture calls for us to eagerly desire the Spiritual gifts, especially that we may prophesy. Within that frame work, Scripture clearly shows us that dreams and visions are some of the ways God may cause the prophetic word to come upon us.

However we are also called to judge all Prophecy and to weigh it up against Scripture and to discern the Spirit behind it – was it of the devil, human imagination or indeed that of God.

The question I ask is why is it that some who claim to be protestant, only give lip service to obeying the Scriptures? Does Scripture really give us that option, if indeed Scripture is the “Word of God?”

Since 1997 I have prophesied over others and have been given a number of prophesies. Yes I have got it wrong over that time… but, that is why we are called to judge all prophesy.

Yet, within the great tradition of the Protestant movement we have many instances of individuals / movements translating, interpreting and teaching Scripture in a wrong way. Lets take the Left Behind type eschatology as a example – will we toss those adherents out of Protestantism because they plainly get it wrong?

I have 3 practices when it comes to Prophesy given to me.

1.) It gets filed into the round filing bin on the floor… (waste paper bin)

2.) I don’t understand it, It doesn’t ring true to me, but, there is something in it that could be true..therefore i record it and leave it in Gods hands.

3.) Other times I grasp its significance to me immediately as being the word of God encouraging me in a way that it speaks directly to me. One case in point is the story I have shared with you already about a vision I had of God holding me by my hand… fast forward 9 years when doo doo had hit the fan.. well meaning Christians had told me I had lost my salvation.. indeed I felt like cain – not that I killed my brother.

A friend rang me out of the blue saying they felt God wanted me to now he still had me by the hand, walking with me.

Again the comment I make is if we truly believe that Scripture is God’s word to us.. why don’t we actually put it into practice and obey it? Could it be that those in the cessationist camp are the ones who are being disobedient to Scripture..and therefore because they run on the tradition of their movement… they are more like the papist movement and that the Charismatic movement is indeed more protestant – because they seek to obey the Scriptures in a higher level?

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