Give to Caesar’ and give to God what is theirs.

I was watching the Bible Stories on television tonight. Well, really I was playing a online game, whilst having an ear open for what was being shown. The story was told where Jesus was asked if they should pay taxes to the Romans. Jesus in turn asked them to bring him a coin, and asked them, whose inscription was engraved on the coin. They said “Ceasar, is engraved on it.!” And So Jesus replied (My paraphrase), give to Ceasar what is owed him – and give to God what is owed him. 

It struck me like a ton of bricks falling down on my head, that under the Roman rule and tradition of Paxa Rome… where peace was established by force, Ceasar was considered to be God. Now the Jews knew, that he wasn’t God, and never worshipped him as such. They were the only conquered nation who didn’t have to pay tribute to Ceasar as such. 

What Jesus was saying in this passage was… Give to Ceasar his him his taxes, come under his rule. – But, give to God, your hearts. And just as Ceasar imprinted his head on the coin – God promises to engrave his name on your hearts. To renew your hearts.  

So not matter what circumstance of life you find yourself.. how about reflecting this season, on giving God your heart, and giving to the world, what it deserves. 



About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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