Unpacking – An Indigenous Call to Forgive.

This is the third post of our recent road trip, you can find the first here and the second one here.  

In my second article I wrote about Miliwanga Sandy who took the main Saturday night session. Another key note speaker during the conference was Billy Williams. Billy  is originally from the Kamilaroi people of North-western NSW. Billy is a pastor for dhiiyaan Northside Church and works with Jisas wantaim, an organisation that seeks to equip, empower and enable the emerging generation of Indigenous Christian leaders.

One of the main themes of their preaching / teaching during the conference was the need for the indigenous community to forgive the past. There is no doubt about it, that there has been a huge travesty of  justice and harsh treatment of the indigenous peoples in the past, treatment which continues even now. I was impressed in how despite their pain filled past – these leaders are calling their communities with the call to forgive.

They showed a short film of a number of aboriginal people saying they forgive. For some, it was an obvious healing and painful experience, watching tears roll down their eyes as they simply said two powerful words, “I forgive!”

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