We have been away on a bit of a short road trip down through Victoria and back. Over all we traveled some 2300 kms, and at times experienced the 4 seasons in the one day. Late Wednesday afternoon saw my bride and I headed out of Sydney towards Goulburn, a 3 hour trip, which allowed us to get well and truly out of the urban environment where we stopped for the night. Leaving that morning, we headed towards a friends property in Clarkefield Victoria. a 700 kms or so trip away. I was actually excited to meet them, for we had become friends through Facebook some years before; and this was the first time we were to meet over a meal and chat face to face.

It’s no secret to those who know me, that I am a huge fan of social media. Some of my best friends became that way through face book and other online formats. And I get a huge buzz from meeting up with all who I interact with online. 

Along the way we stopped at Gundagai for a stretch, some pics of the Dog on the Tucker BoxIMG_4596 and a snack. Our next stop saw us at Holbrook, where we stopped for lunch and a stroll through the museum. Holbrook is an interesting town, its around 400kms as far as the crow flies from the ocean; but, it has a affiliation with submariners, and it has a real submarine in the middle of its town park. The museum was well worth the small cost to enter and walk through, with a small interactive display where you could peer through the periscope and zoom in the country side at a distance.


We then settled into a hypnotic groove where we were soon over the border into Victoria and continued on our way with a couple of toilet and fuel stops along the way. We were running a little behind schedule, having said we would arrive at 6pm, and eventually arrived at 7:30 pm. We had become so used to communicating via Face Book, we hadn’t even swapped phone numbers, and so we stopped to check our bearings. send a quick message with our phone number, to receive a prompt call back a few seconds later. I was amazed that the bush / country side in Victoria is so close to Melbourne. Our friends farm was directly under the flight path for Melbourne airport ( a mere 25 mins drive away) and at one time it seemed the A380 Airbus was going to land on the driveway. What a huge beast that is. Upon arrival we quickly organised a BBQ, set up our camper trailer, was shown around and we drank numerous cups of tea.

One of my highlights of the trip, was to wander around the property with a rifle in the pursuit of a rabbit or two. I was raised in a hunting / farming family. My father and grandfather taught us to camp, fish and hunt at an early age. Dad was given his first rifle at the age of 7, where he was expected to bring home a rabbit for the pot. Eventually when I turned 7, my dad said to mum, “How blinken stupid was his old man for giving him a rifle at that age…” I had to wait till I was 14 to be given my first rifle, which was a air rifle.  However, the truth is that my dads experience was very common for people of his generation who lived a farming lifestyle. Unknown to me, my wife snapped a pic of me walking back to the homestead, keeping an hopeful eye out for a rabbit or two, which proved to be a lucky morning for the rabbits, and unlucky for me.  While I never took a shot, it was a soul soothing experience walking through the hills, watching the sun come up, and reconnecting with the land. IMG_4647 (2)Sadly though, our visit came to an end, we packed up our camper trailer and gear, and started to make our way from there towards Belgrave Heights where we were going to stop for a few nights for a conference which was all about walking alongside those on the margins of society, which I will blog about in my next post.


About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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