I am sure God’s heart is breaking over this kinda stuff.

T.C. from New Leaven posts about ‘noted California Presbyterian pastor and author John Ortberg and his church, have left the traditional Presbyterian Church to join a newly formed evangelical Presbyterian church.  

The PC(USA) increasingly represents a wide range of beliefs on who Jesus is and on his relationship to our salvation.  Surprisingly, there are many PC(USA)-ordained pastors who do not believe, for example, in the deity of Christ or in salvation through faith in Christ.  A PC(USA) pastor in Tennessee, said, ‘I believe that Jesus may have been historical but most of the stories about him in the Bible and elsewhere are legends.  But he’s cool.  He serves as a human ideal and a focal point for devotion (like an ishta veda [a concept from Hinduism]).’  This pastor’s story is one of many such examples.”  Full document here

Sadly, the Scripture comes to mind about some having a form of godliness that denies his power, being a stench in God’s nostrils. Jesus Christ is all and has to be all – for there is the true power of God. 


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2 Responses to I am sure God’s heart is breaking over this kinda stuff.

  1. A church here in Dallas recently joined the exodus from the PC(USA) for these reasons. Whenever I tell someone I’m at a Presbyterian church, I clarify that it is PCA.

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