The Kingdom of God, is All About God!

In some circles of Christianity, its popular to bash the rich and go there there to the poor. They decry the political systems which make the rich richer, and the poor, poorer. And certainly there are levels of injustice within every political system. The Beatitudes in Matthew are a case in point. Jesus is seen to go woe to the rich, and blessed are the poor. 

However, Jesus is neither against wealth, nor is he for poverty. He is for people. He rebukes the rich who store up riches for themselves, without contributing towards the good of society in an attitude of generosity. What is missed in the beatitudes is that Jesus also rebukes the poor for their lack of trust in God.

In Matthew 6:19 – 34 he begins to rebuke the wealthy for storing up stuff, that decays and instead tells them to store up riches in heaven, where nothing can break in and steal.

However, he isn’t just talking to the wealthy here, he then turns and speaks to the poor about worry about the cares of this world.. he asks his hearers why do they worry about what they will eat, what they will wear, where they will live. All these worries are the care of the poor. He then rebukes them, saying hey.. forget about worrying about that stuff.. first seek God, his righteousness, and those things will be added to you. In Acts, we see the pouring out of the Holy Spirit, which caused hearts to change. It caused attitudes to wealth to change.. and the poor did not go without. 

And it all began, when rich and poor, together, first sought after God, and his righteousness, and in the process, God met them where they were at!

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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