Some odds and sodds.

Roger Olsen writes against putting doctrine before Jesus. In reflecting on his essay, Dave Black reflects on how he is glad that the president of his Bible College states that J.C will always stand for Jesus Christ and not John Calvin. In reflecting about the Kingdom of Heaven and who is in and who isn’t – I am constantly drawn back to Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Talking about the Kingdom, once again Dave Black writes a nice little essay on how to seek the Kingdom of God. I would add two more points to his list.. 

1) Be earnest in prayer. Become prayer warriors. Believe that we serve a interventionist God who hears our prayers, who listens to our prayers, who answers our prayers and who covets our prayers. 
2.) Love people. Accept people. Don’t judge people. Don’t take on the role of the Holy Spirit and try and change people..God promises us that if we do our part…(We can’t go past Matthew 5 if we seriously want to know what our part is… ) God promises to do his part. 

I got pretty cranky this week. I live in one of Sydney’s most disadvantaged areas. The ABC published a report on our area. In it they completely neglected to mention any of the great stuff that we shared during our interview with them about this area. I sent them a stinging email in rebuke, which I also published on FB. I found it interesting that the email I sent created more controversy over a word and a term I used about the reporters, when I told them they were lower then a piece of dog dirt stuck on the bottom of a shoe and they should be ashamed of the snow job they did; then my mention about the social stigma in this area. 

Our area was a social engineering project that went wrong.. 40 years ago they created this area to put all the social misfits, out casts, single mums, aboriginals, those needing public housing etc so they would be out of harms way for the rest of society. And there is a societal stigma in our state about how bad this area is. 

Yes is true there is a high rate of drug use in this area… but the same goes in the wealthy suburbs where perhaps the drug of choice is different and more expensive and perhaps more well hidden. Yes is true we have high rate of unemployment in this area… but, its not because residents here don’t want to work. I know one lady who applied for 40 jobs and was knocked back on them all – we told her to lie on her resume…and put her aunties address down as place of residence (she lived in a more affluent area) and she got the next job she applied for. 

Ok, I know some of you will be upset we told her to lie….if that fact upsets you more then it does she was knocked back 40 plus times for work because of where she lived.. .then something is seriously wrong with your ethics. 

A young man I have befriended who has some serious mental health issues has this year made the decision to go to college and learn how to read, write and basic maths. I can’t tell you how proud of this young man I am. While others might see him as a drop kick. societal drop out and someone beneath them;  I see him as a young man with plenty of potential. 

School Scripture was cancelled this term and we resume next term. I can’t tell you how full of joy I was last Thursday when one of the students in my year 5 and 6 class from last year came up to me at the park and asked me when Scripture was going to start up again. He was disappointed to hear it was canned for this term.. and told me, it was one of his school highlights. He was one of the 60 odd kids who make up our combined year 5 and 6 class. 

On a final note, it was my birthday on Saturday. I’m turning into an old geezer.. 47 years old. Got more than a little grey in my hair. My wife gave this country lad a great present in enabling me to visit a local shooting range and fire off a heap of rounds. It’s been a long time since I have fired a rifle and longer still when I sold my firearms in 2001.  Even though my hands are a little more shakier and I don’t have the strength to hold the rifle as steady and fire the big rounds like I once could. and my eye sight not the best – I still managed to hit the bulls eye and shoot some tight groupings. 

Scripture encourages us to hit the mark… and as long as we keep Jesus in view, we will always be hitting that bulls eye. 

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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