Some thoughts for today.

Around the social networks I inhabit there is a bit of talk about repentance and so I want to add my own thoughts to it. Repentance is always turning back to God. It’s a change of position; one in which we turn face him face to face, and accept him for who he is and his great mercy for us. Until we repent, our backs are always turned to him. 

Scripture tells us its God’s love and mercy which always draws us to him. I note that none of the prayers recorded in the NT are prayers in which its prayed that..”We come to know the great wrath of God…” or other prayers to that effect. Instead the prayers of the faithful are that “We will come to know the great and immeasurable love of God in increasing measures…”

How true it is that we can only love him, who first loved us! 

Dave writes about his love of blogging. 

  • Blogs help authors practice the art of writing.

  • Regular blog posting helps authors develop the discipline of writing.

  • Blogs helps authors build an audience and connect with readers.

  • Blogs give readers a chance to ask questions and interact with authors.

  • Blogs are a great way for authors to give their ideas a “test run” with readers.


I have not been blogging much lately for a variety of reasons. The main one being is that I haven’t had a lot to say. Writers block is a terrible thing. But, I have also learnt a lesson over the years that if we want to write from a Christian framework and perspective, we need to stay connected to God. You see God wants us to be a people who know him, and not just a people who know about him. So I throw this out and ask you; “Do you really know God?” 

It’s also been the School holiday break here in Australia and so I have been spending a bit of time with my sons. I love the way we have been connecting lately. It’s also been the hottest part of our year. Days with consistent temps over 35 degrees Celsius, which plays havoc with the chronic fatigue I suffer. All I can say is thank God for air conditioning! Technology isn’t always a bad thing. 

Rob Martin posts his interview with Greg Boyd. I also hear a whisper Rob that a publisher has asked you to write a book.. congrats mate. I have a number of book themes bouncing around in my head and will soon resume my own writing once again. 

I love the idea of “guerrilla gardening!” I have planted a garden on my footpath and come the cooler weather will extend it around the whole front. I’d like to see the idea take off in my community. It’s not without its heartaches though, as the other day I fell victim to some senseless vandalism where a nice miniature sunflower was pulled out of the garden and thrown to the side. Why pull the whole plant out when you could just pick the flower… At the same time, I assume the same person came through the gate and helped themselves to some tomatoes. 🙂 I must be doing something right. 

Walter Brueggermann is one of my favorite authors, and he makes a lot of sense when he says the tasks of the church, , are “to tell the truth in a society that lives in illusion, to grieve loss in a society that practices denial, and to express hope in a society that lives in despair.” 

I pray today that you will be filled with the knowledge of God’s love. That you along with your fellow believers will come to know his immeasurable power which works through, over and within us. May your hope increase, your faith grow in knowledge, insight and wisdom. May you be comforted in your grief. Strengthened in your trials. Empowered in your vocation. Fulfilled in your relationships. 

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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