Book Extract: The Bird and the Bike.

I posted an extract of my forthcoming book here  This is the latest account of Tim’s journey. 

Suddenly he felt a thud on his chest. His vision was filled with feathers from a squawking and wildly fluttering bird. Its claw had somehow got entangled the elastic strap that was attached to his jacket zipper and it was stuck to his chest. He couldn’t see where he was going and he could feel the bike starting to wobble out of control. The words from his training instructor came to mind telling him not to panic. He evenly applied his brakes down shifting some gears. He had just got the wobbling bike under control when he went off the bitumen and slid out on the gravel on the side of the road. He couldn’t prevent the bike sliding out from under him and he felt himself sliding along the ground with the bike on top of him, and he came to a rest a few metres down the road.

It all seemed to happen him in slow motion. The bird was still flapping against his helmet. He laid there on the ground with the bike laying on  him. He heard some voices as someone asked him if he was alright. Another voice was saying, don’t move his head as he could feel the bike being moved from him. Just lay there mate, we have help coming. The voices continued to tell him that they were doctors from the Royal Flying Doctors and they were making their way there from Dubbo to start their shift for the week. They had been travelling behind him and had seen what had happened.

He laid on the ground. His left foot and knee was throbbing. Just stay there mate, we got the ambos coming the voice continued to calm him. I don’t think he has broken anything, but that gouge on his helmet is nasty. We need to make sure he has no head injury. It turned out that as the bike went off the edge of the bitumen he had banged his head on the raised edge of the road which took a chunk out of his helmet. The visor of his helmet was lifted up. What’s your name son, the gentle voice continued to ask him questions.

He felt tired and just wanted them to leave him be so he could go to sleep. He mumbled to them my name was Tim. “Tim, don’t sleep” they warned.” You could have concussion… don’t sleep mate.” He had no idea how long it took, but the ambulance soon arrived and the paramedics started talking to him.

The put him on a stretcher with a neck brace supporting his neck. He felt a stab in his arm as they inserted a cannula for a drip and they continued to ask him questions. Tim tried to sit up, but the stretcher straps held him down. Stay still Tim, its important you stay still the reassuring voices continued. We are not sure if you have a spinal injury or not.

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I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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