Continual Prayer.

The city in which I live is surrounded at the moment by many intense bush fires and I have family and friends who are living in many of those areas affected. Within a natural human perspective things are in dire straights. We have a fire that could combine and cause a 300km fire front. Hot weather, fast winds and no rain has been the forecast.

However, yesterday I prayed and recorded the following prayer as both a status and a method of having other praying friends to pray with me on Face Book.

Father God. Creator of all that is seen and unseen. I ask that you will create and release rain. Lots of rain over our sun and fire scorched lands. Let the rains come in Jesus name I pray.

And around 11 am this morning while at the community BBQ, I could smell the rain coming and stated, the rain is coming.. and soon after we started to get some drizzle. However the forecast tomorrow is hot dry windy weather – yet my faith is not in human reasoning, rather its in the promises of Scripture to keep knocking and keep asking and the story of Elijah who prayed 7 times for rain, before he saw a cloud start to raise up.

So tonight once again I made a statement on Facebook and prayed

Praising the Lord for answering our prayers for rain. Scripture continually encourages us to keep knocking, and keep asking and so with that in mind.. I pray…

Father God, let it rain tonight and tomorrow (Wednesday) and the rest of the week. Let it come down as constant soaking rain. ground soaking rain. Fire extinguishing rain. Life saving rain. Let it fall where it is so desperately needed. I also ask father God that you will still the forecast winds over the bush fire areas – still the wind and cause this week to be cooler..

I can’t explain it in technical detail – but there are times when the Spirit of God leads you to pray and you know that you know that you know that those prayers have been answered. And I am confident of this, that our Lord has heard our prayers… actually allow me to be a little more bold and perhaps risk sounding arrogant and say – I am sure the Lord has heard my prayers, and not only mine, he has heard your prayers.

And this we know – if we know God has heard our prayers and we are not asking out of selfish motives -we will receive the very thing we are praying for. And therefore, Father God, I thank you for the rains.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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1 Response to Continual Prayer.

  1. tildeb says:

    And this we know – if we know God has heard our prayers and we are not asking out of selfish motives -we will receive the very thing we are praying for.

    And if you don’t?

    At the very least, stop making claims to ‘knowledge’ when it is nothing more than a stand-in for faith. How might we know this isn’t a knowledge claim but a faith claim? By NOT receiving the very thing we are praying for. This isn’t a ‘technical detail’ that can be waved away by pretending it’s just too complex for us to follow but a means of allowing REALITY to test the claim about the efficacy of your prayer. You my believe that you know you know you know prayer works (repeating it certainly sounds like you ‘know’ what you’re talking about) but I cannot abide you making the claim that this is knowledge without offering to counterbalance this faith-based claim with a sane dose of critical thinking.

    You’re welcome.

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