Facing death. The journey to life.

Becky Black is dying. There is no easy or polite way of saying this. I truly wish there was. She has been battling cancer for a number of years now and the Lord has shown he has heard the prayers of the faithful who have been praying for her in many tangible ways – but unless the Lord does a absolute miracle she will die. But, death for her is only a stepping stone in the journey of eternal life.

She has been writing her memoirs, and her husband Dave Black has been editing them and posting them on his blog that is not a blog. He recently posted up chapter 5 which like all the chapters have been a great read. Can I urge you my readers to pray that Becky will have the strength, wisdom and insight to continue and finish her memoirs before the Lord takes her home. Pray for Dave, their children, grand children and many adopted children in the lord. And if you feel led and have the gift of faith to do so,  ask the Lord to do a miracle in extending Becky’s life here with health, strength and vitality.

Go and have a read here and be blessed and encouraged in doing so. I know I have been.

About Craig Benno

I'm an average aussie guy who has lived perhaps a not so average life.
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5 Responses to Facing death. The journey to life.

  1. Tiribulus says:

    I mean absolutely nothing bad by this and am only asking a sincere question out of simple curiosity. Where do you know this woman from and what is she to you.

    • Craig Benno says:

      Greg. Great question.

      She is both a friend and the wife of a friend. And they both are people I care for very much.

      • Tiribulus says:

        I was only able to peruse the site briefly, but they seem like fine godly people. VERY conservative at first blush. I can’t pretend to be affected the same way you are as I don’t her as you do, but I AM genuinely saddened both for her suffering and yours in walking with them through this season of trying providence. May the King of heaven and earth show Himself merciful and mighty on her behalf and magnify Himself thereby.

  2. Robert Martin says:

    I have not had the opportunity to read Becky’s memoirs yet… not for lack of desire…

    I, too, have been touched by her amazing grace… In this day and age where people fight death, tooth and nail, out of great fear of the beyond or oblivion, to read about someone who simply recognizes it as one more step in the journey… it’s amazing… my mother also had a similar outlook at the end of her days… if only more people could hear this kind of story.

    My prayers are with Becky and David…

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